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Outdoor playground Jungle travel

December 31, 2021

Jungle travel experience is a healthy and fashionable green outdoor activity. This activity originated in Europe, has been more than ten years of development, and gradually become a new fashion leading outdoor leisure! At present, this activity has just started in China. Through setting up and setting up a variety of difficult and easy, different styles and super exciting level courses in the forest, you can experience the pleasure of falling from high altitude and free gliding, and feel the stimulation of climbing on the tree and crossing the forest.

Jungle crossing has created a new way of outdoor experience activities! Participating in the jungle crossing has become a fashion symbol! Through the jungle also gives the participants the courage to challenge themselves, love nature, pursue low-carbon travel, and return to self, return to instinct, healthy and open image! Through the jungle, your physical strength and courage are teased, your potential is stimulated, and your bravery and wit are displayed; you can enjoy the exploration on the tree in the noisy city, and challenge your own spiritual limit while embracing green and returning to nature.