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Ninja course

December 31, 2021

Warrior way, also known as ninja way, ninja space.

It is one of the popular games in trampoline park.

Originated from an American television show,

There are various items in it,

Is a new way to challenge your balance, strength and agility in all areas.

By working hard to complete these challenges, the challenger achieves the improvement of comprehensive ability.

Very suitable for children and adults.

The Ninja Way is designed to combine running, jumping, jumping, climbing and balance,

Create interesting adventures,

It also offers amazing workouts.

It can also build a child's stamina and perseverance,

After successful entry to bring pleasure and sense of achievement to players.

The main games include sea of poles, climb ladder, ribbon, foam cargo tube, sea of rings, floating doors, sea of wheels, sea of swings, climbing net, bar, net, climbing ropes, step quad, warped wall, ring slider, double bridges, horizontal tube, sea of bridges, floating board, sea of double rings, sea of board, sea of discs, handing traverse and so on.